Ship contracts, maritime and transport

Grette has an extensive client portfolio within maritime law, shipbuilders and related divisions such as offshore construction industries and suppliers to the offshore industry.

Grette has steadily increased its market share in this segment, and we currently assist prominent companies within the sector and in all fields within business law.

The maritime sector in Norway is internationally oriented, and Norwegian based companies within the sector participate in projects outside Norway. Grette’s lawyers have been involved in a large number of international rig and shipbuilding projects as well as projects executed at
domestic shipyards.

The maritime law and shipbuilding industry group within Grette is interdisciplinary, and individual teams are created according to the requirements of the various assignments. Grette ensures that all aspects of a contract review, project or assignment are covered by specialists by applying our “no flaws” policy. The team consists of several highly skilled lawyers, known for their special expertise in litigation, contract law, commercial contracts, maritime law employment law, intellectual property, tax, restructuring, competition and corporate law. Over the past year, we’ve assisted several high end clients with project support, litigation, restructuring and refinancing processes, downsizing processes etc.

When assisting clients in contract negotiations and contract drafting, Grette’s objective is to provide something more than mere legal advises and give the client advice on commercial items and strategies. We are sensitive to the commercial and operational context of the client and the
assignment. Our lawyers are commercially driven and ensure that the legal contract assessments reflect the commercial and operational risks. This distinguishes Grette from other regular law firms in the market and is made possible by the lawyers’ industry knowledge and working with commercial contracts.

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