Offshore construction and industrials

Construction contracts, dispute resolution and transactions, financing and restructuring in offshore construction and industrials

As a full-service commercial law firm, Grette assists Norwegian and international actors involved in offshore construction and industrial manufacturing. Our lawyers hold extensive experience from relevant organisations and are familiar with the challenges that lie ahead.

The contracts within the petroleum, processing and manufacturing industries are of high value and technical complexity, which again is reflected in the scope and details of the contracts. Managing such contracts thus requires the legal expertise, experience and know-how that we can offer.

Our lawyers have been involved in rig projects, ship building contracts, subsea and offshore installations, and the construction of land based installations such as processing facilities. We have also been involved in  energy projects and the development of offshore wind farms, and hold comprehensive experience in the delivery of large industrial components to onshore and offshore construction projects.

As legal advisers, we offer commercially oriented advice that not only focuses on the legal aspects but also on the strategic and commercial solutions that will add value to our clients. We believe that the best way of achieving this is by working in small interdisciplinary teams. We offer custom solutions for each contract, and assist projects throughout their lifetime, from financing and project design, to contract strategy, negotiations and project execution.

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