Public regulation and administration

Assistance from highly qualified lawyers at the interface between the public sector and the private sector

We assist businesses on matters involving government authorities. We also provide extensive assistance to municipalities, ministries, directorates and a broad range of state-owned enterprises. Public sector advice includes competition law and EEA law, public procurement and tenders, energy and infrastructure, building and construction, collective and individual employment law, pensions and insurance, administrative law, as well as IT and telecommunications, etc. We provide general and specialised advice within the field of administrative law, and on the rights and obligations applicable at the interface between the public sector and the private sector. Many of our lawyers have held senior positions within the public sector, including in the Legislation Department of the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Health and Care Services, the Ministry of Trade and Industry, as well as the Office of the City Advocate in Oslo. Our lawyers also have experience from positions with EU/EEA agencies and the OECD.

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