Our Values and Corporate Social Responsibility

We share knowledge and build a culture of transparency. We incorporate Corporate Social Responsibility into our day-to-day operations. We maintain high ethical standards and sustainable corporate governance.

Grette takes responsibility


The practice of law is a distinctive industry that requires trust, respect and attention. Our work involves dealing with demanding and conflicting issues of great importance to our clients, and their adversaries, and of importance to society as a whole. Our work also involves the fair distribution of rights and obligations. As professional practitioners, we must prove ourselves worthy of our unique place in society.

We put the interest of our clients first. As a company and as individuals, we are subject to strict requirements for the role of attorney. All legal, regulatory and professional ethical requirements must be met.

A privately owned and operated law firm must choose its clients carefully and with respect. This provides many opportunities, but it also requires us to act responsibly. Grette does not participate in illegal activities. Dissemination and laundering of illicit assets, corruption or any involvement in such crimes is unacceptable at Grette. We do not walk the thin line between ethical and unethical action.

Grette upholds the fundamental principle of the Rule of Law and will never violate human rights. Grette has routines in place to uncover such conditions, and we refrain from taking assignments where this might occur.

Our corporate culture


We consciously choose our attorneys to achieve a diversity of age, origin, gender, religion and functional ability. We respect diversity and practice gender equality at work, which we consider important drivers of future value creation.

At Grette, we know that:

  • Our corporate culture is created by the people who work here.
  • No one can do the job alone.
  • All competition is healthy, as long competition takes place on fair terms.

We have planning processes in place to address diversity in recruitment, pay and working conditions – as well as personal and career development. We aim to facilitate a healthy balance between work and leisure time.

Our recruitment and personnel strategy ensures the highest quality and expertise while being diverse and inclusive. We have a clear strategy for promoting the share of women in our partnership – primarily by developing candidates from within our organization.

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